Shells (was: job control in 386/ix?)

Rick Farris rfarris at serene.UUCP
Fri Dec 8 12:27:34 AEST 1989

In article <1097 at crpmks.UUCP> garyb at crpmks.UUCP (Gary Blumenstein) writes:

> I don't know what advantages you get with their version of awk
> although it's advertised as compatable with Aho, Weinberger, and
> Kernighan's 1987 awk specification.  The package is cheap too, $119
> buys you non-copy protected 386 binaries.

Absolutely nothing.  After a year, and four sets of disks, I still
don't have a working awk from MKS.

Although I wouldn't part with my MKS Toolkit (for DOS), that's
because I haven't needed support.  Be advised that their technical
support is essentially non-existent; at least to end users.

Oh yes, they will talk to you on the phone, and they are very polite,
but there is no followup.

I think things went seriously downhill when Gerry Wheeler (Mr. MKS)
got kicked upstairs or left or something.

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