Taking risks on software (ISC)

Marc Boucher marc at Clik.QC.CA
Sun Dec 3 07:33:18 AEST 1989

In article <894 at zoom.Clik.QC.CA> I, marc at clik.qc.ca (Marc Boucher) write:

> >	I agree. We are using 386/ix here with lost of problems, most of them
> > regarding their TCP/IP package which is really still beta.. (interlan driver
> > full of bugs, most utilities don't support /etc/shadow etc.. really silly
> > stuff that could be easily corrected..)

In message <8912011841.AA01534 at haddock.IMA.ISC.COM>, Andrew Tannenbaum replies:
> Marc,
> As far as I know, the /etc/shadow problems were fixed in 2.0.2 (whcih
> has been shipping for many months now).  Also, we do not support the
> interlan stuff, interlan (or micom, or whatever they're called today)
> does.  Are you sure about the validity of your complaints?

	This is NOT true. Off the top of my head: /etc/rexecd in 2.0.2 does
not work with /etc/shadow.. Try it.
	I have spoken to Interlan and they confirmed that INTERACTIVE was
supposed to do the support of the drivers bundled with the 386/ix tcpip package.
	It is quite funny to get feedback from INTERACTIVE after these open
remarks, when i have not received any echo from support at isc.com on a mail I sent
some time ago about reinstallation problems.
	I have also been disappointed with your telephone support. I have been
stupidly asked many times for the "exact error message" with to the word
precision! so that the ignorant interactive employee could look it up in her
miracle problem solving database.
	I am crossposting this reply to the comp.unix.i386 newsgroup.

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