WD1007V ESDI Problmes with Xenix

Larry Dighera root at conexch.UUCP
Thu Dec 7 13:41:26 AEST 1989

Has anyone been successful in using a WD1007V-SE2 controller
and an Imprimis 94196-766 ESDI drive with Xenix 386 Release
2.3.2?  This drive has 1632 cylinders, 15 heads, and 54 sectors
per track, for a total of 766 megabytes unformatted.  

It seems to install and work just fine, but whenever /bin/sort is run
it gives the error message: allocation error before sort.  
Using the -z option doesn't help.

The same hardware except for the use of a 182 megabyte drive and
the same HD controller in translation mode worked without a hitch.


Larry Dighera

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