Problem installing 386/ix

Tom Armistead toma at attctc.Dallas.TX.US
Tue Nov 28 15:45:02 AEST 1989

I am having a problem, maybe I can get some help here?

My hardware a Packard Bell 16mhz 386 with 4meg of ram (3801088 bytes available
because of Shadowing), an 80meg and a 20meg Seagate MFM hard disk with a Western
Digital WA2 controller, a 1.2meg 5.4" floppy, 2 parallel ports, 2 serial ports
(1 is an internal 2400 bps Hayes modem).

Here's my problem:
I just got a brand new copy of 386/ix 2.0.2. I can't get it to install on the
above hardware. From a cold boot I get "Booting the UNIX system ..." and when
the RAM available message should come up, the machine reboots. If I let it boot
off of the 386/ix floppy again, I get the same "Booting" message and when the
RAM available information comes, it prints on the screen at about 1 character
every 2 seconds, after about 45 seconds a message shows that says how much
RAM is available and how much is free (3801088 Avail. 3141632 free) then the
system reboots again, and again, and again ...

Now for the weird stuff...
I rebooted from my DOS diagnostic disk, ran all the diagnostics and everything
went fine. I rebooted from the 386/ix boot disk and it worked? I got to
formatting the hard disk and right in the middle of the formatting, the system
rebooted again acting the same as from a cold boot. I ran the diagnostics
again, rebooted from DOS and formatted my hard disk (from DOS), ran the
diagnostics software again and rebooted from the 386/ix boot disk and got into
fdisk, had all the partitions set up and when exiting, the system rebooted
again, acting just like from the cold boot. And that's where I'm stuck???

My mind is boggled. I have been running 386 XENIX on this machine for about
a year, along with DOS, VM/386 (386 DOS multi-tasker). I ran Microport 286 Unix
before that and never had any problems. I've run several 386 based debuggers
under DOS also with no problems.

Could anybody help me here, I haven't called ISC yet, but will in the morning.

Thanks in advance,
Tom Armistead
Tom Armistead
UUCP:  {ames,lll-winken,mit-eddie,osu-cis,texbell}!attctc!toma

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