X5 update problem (new)

Marco S Hyman marc at dumbcat.UUCP
Tue Nov 21 15:29:42 AEST 1989

Another option for those using verbose modem settings is to use the -r
option to uugetty.  The inittab entry should look like:

00:234:respawn:/usr/lib/uucp/uugetty -r -t 60 ttyd0 DIAL96

The -r tells uugetty not to talk until it sees a \r.  This allows it to work
with smart modems or on back-to-back connections with the machine on the
next desk.  A dialers entry that will work with hayes type modems is:

hayes	=,-,	"" \M\dAT\r\c OK\r \EATDT\T\r\c CONNECT \m\c
direct	=,-,	"" \M\dAT\r\c OK\r \c

This assumes the Dialers entry uses the M flag, e.g.

ACU ttyd0,M - 2400 hayes

The modem should be programmed something like:

AT &D2 V1 Q E1 S0=1 &C1 &S1 &W

Since my distributor has not received the X5 update yet I'm making do with
the vanilla 2.0.2 release.  This works OK in that environment.

// Marco S. Hyman		{ames,pyramid,sun}!pacbell!dumbcat!marc

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