1.44 drives on i386

Steven H. Izen izen at amelia.nas.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 30 17:54:24 AEST 1989

In article <1989Nov29.174308.2169 at chinet.chi.il.us> randy at chinet.chi.il.us (Randy Suess) writes:
>	I just switched from AT&T UNIX 3.2.1 on Chinet to i386
>	2.0.2.  Now, my 3.5 inch drives don't work at 1.44 megs
>	(f03ht).  They work ok at 720k.  I can format them
>	at 1.44 megs under i386, but they can't be read.  I tried

>	Any ideas??

Yeah, I tried using f13ht when I installed my second floppy drive, and had no
luck.  Then I discovered pg 104 of the 386/ix opserating sytem guide:

f1q18dt - minor number 81 1.44 MB,entire 3.5 disk
f1q18d  - minor number 85 1.44 MB,omit boot track.

subtract one from the above minor numbers to use as drive 0.

Of course, if the special device files don't exist you'll have to
use mknod to create them in both /dev/rdsk and /dev/dsk as char and block
devices respectively.

Now here's a question for the netlanders:

I'm thinking of swapping my two drives, to make the 1.44 meg (in dos language)
a:, and my 1.2 meg drive b:.  Does anyone know how I can create a bootable
1.44 meg 386/ix floppy from my 1.2 meg distibution floppy?  I tried dd
unsuccessfully, but I could have specified some parameters incorrectly.
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