Why no job control in 386/ix?

Martin Weitzel martin at mwtech.UUCP
Thu Nov 23 22:32:44 AEST 1989

In article <15246 at haddock.ima.isc.com> suitti at anchovy.UUCP (Stephen Uitti) writes:
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>	% find . -print | cpio -ocB | (cd otherdir ; cpio -icdmB)
>seems to work.  I know, cpio has an option to just copy the directory
>tree without the other invocation of cpio, but cpio has lots of options...

WHAT! Also internally at ISC there is no online manual. Upgrade to 2.2 :-)
(OK, I know, the topic was allready beaten to death.)
BTW: If memory serves, try cpio -p ...

>>	chmod user.group file ...
>>such as I do on my BSDish sun at work all the time.  I know the litany...
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Wait a minute ... the following shell-script should do it
Place it in a directory *before* /bin in your PATH.
# BSD-Style(?) chown via chmod
# BUGS: Doesn't allow blanks in file names
#       Doesn't allow dots or blanks in user/group names
case $1 in
*.*) u="$1";shift;f="$*";IFS=.;set $u;IFS=' '
     chgrp $2 $f && exec chown $1 $f ;;
*)   exec /bin/chmod ${1+"$@"}
Excuse me, this is a three minute hack, I didn't test very much.

I didn't know about this particular BSD-feature before I read this
posting. A *real* improvment, I allways wanted, would be a command
which *automatically* determines the group of the new user and
chgrp-s a file, if I 'chown' it - does BSD have it?

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