Configuring a Toshiba-p351 printer under ISC-386/ix?

Pim Zandbergen pim at
Wed Nov 29 10:40:11 AEST 1989

mre at (Marcus O. Ertle) writes:

>Many thanks to all who have given advise on this.  I have tried nearly
>all suggestions.  All I could understand anyway - how does: 
>	stty opost onlcr 0<&1 

This tells the tty driver to do the translation for you.
Normally, stty(1) acts on standard input. But when printing,
standard input is not connected to the printer, so with '0<&1',
stty will act on standard output.

>In desperation, I wrote my own version of a UNIX-to-DOS filter which 
>handled NL correctly (\r\n) and replaced tab (\t) with column-number 
>modulo 8.

This could also have been done with:
	stty opost onlcr tab3 0<&1
	cat $file

But, strangely, this does not work with the ISC 386/ix parallel
port driver. At least not in 2.0.1. Solved in 2.0.2/2.2 ?
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