Adaptex is alive

neese at adaptex.UUCP neese at adaptex.UUCP
Fri Nov 10 04:43:00 AEST 1989

Well, 'adaptex' is going to stay on the air.  I want to thank all those
who responded to the letter writing campaign.  It worked.  And even if
it didn't work, I had just about decided to buy a system out of my pocket
to keep 'adaptex' around.  The letters were very complimentary and I do
appreciate it.  Again, thanks.
To also let you know.  There is now a troff document for the SCSICNTL.EXE
program on adaptex.  So many of you have grabbed that file, that I thought
a document would be helpful in explaining the operation of it.  You can grab
it via:

uucp adaptex!~/scsicntl.doc.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic/scsicntl.doc.Z

or (the long way)

uucp adaptex!/usr/spool/uucppublic/scsiutil/scsicntl.doc.Z \

			Roy Neese
			Adaptec Central Field Applications Engineer
			UUCP @ {texbell,attctc}!cpe!adaptex!neese

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