Logging in to 386/ix via telnet over, TCP/IP

Reiner Petersen reiner at coma.UUCP
Thu Oct 5 22:06:30 AEST 1989

In article <2316 at uceng.UC.EDU> dmocsny at uceng.UC.EDU (daniel mocsny) writes:
	>Though I can telnet to the very ends of the earth, the ends of the
	>earth cannot telnet back to me. My machine hastens to answer the
	>distant calls with login: and password: prompts, but though remoteuser
	>types them with the diligence of the most faithful scribe, my machine
	>can only rasp the reply "login incorrect".

Since 386/ix Version 2.0 crypted passwords are moved into an extra file,
named /etc/shadow, which is readable only by root. The /etc/passwd file
now contains only an `x' in its password column.

The TELNET protocol server (telnetd) seems to use /etc/netlogin when
creating a login process, which has never heard of /etc/shadow. I solved
that problem by copying the password column from /etc/shadow into
/etc/passwd. Telnet works fine since then, but the security improvement
is gone, it's a lot of unnecessary work and password changes must be
maintained by hand. Therefore this is not an optimal solution. Any hints?
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