basicwin and 386/ix X-windows

Rick Richardson rick at pcrat.uucp
Wed Oct 4 23:23:59 AEST 1989

I just received the Interactive X5 update to 386/ix X windows 1.0.
I went around checking all of the programs that exhibited bugs
under vanilla 1.0 and found that the O'reilly "basicwin" program
still doesn't display the dashed box with rounded caps correctly.
The caps have diagonal 'flags' of garbage attached to them.

Its hard to believe that ISC still hasn't fixed this and before
reporting it again, I'd like some confirmation from someone with
386/ix and X windows that they either see or do not see this effect.

The reason I doubt my own eyes is that I have a 80287 floating point
co-processor installed, and the floating point code in operating
system version 2.0.1 has been the cause of two other bugs - "pic"
arrowheads are computed incorrectly, and the "xclock" hands are
scaled incorrectly.  The problem exhibited by "basicwin" may be
just another manifestation of the problems with 80287 support in

As an aside, under 386/ix 1.0.6 I didn't have these problems with
floating point, per se.  Instead, I could only run one floating point
process at a time.  That process would operate correctly, but would
core dump if a second process attempted to do floating point.  The
core dumps, at least, let me know that I was getting no results. The
current incarnation only exhibits these very subtle erroneous results.

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