Need help with mail/mailx/elm on 386/ix V2.0.2....

Greyham Stoney greyham at hades.OZ
Sat Oct 14 05:35:45 AEST 1989

Well goodness we're having a few problems here today......

We've been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to get NFS running on our
Bell Tech 386 box here, and have somehow managed to break mailx and elm.
We installed the V2.0.2 update of 386/ix the other day, and things seemed
generally to still work after that, [bar a trashed root crontab and a few other
custom files that got trashed; so I'd suggest you do a full backup before
attempting such a manouvre]. But NFS still doesn't work.......

So, we re-installed TCP/IP and NFS, and then mailx stopped working!!.
Neither mailx or elm would work, although mail still did. mailx winged
about not being able to create a file in /usr/spool/mqueue - this is the
bit I really can't understand. /usr/spool/mqueue is in group 'mail', and
mail, mailx and elm are all setgid to 'mail'. chmod'ing /usr/spool/mqueue
to 777 fixes the problem; but I don't see why this is necessary.....
Can anyone out there suggest what might be going on?. Is /usr/spool/mqueue
supposed to be rwxrwxrwx? Hints? Ideas?.

Also, if anyone has NFS going on 386/ix, gee I'd love to hear from you!


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