DOS Merge/ Networks/ fifos

Jon Zeeff zeeff at
Sat Oct 14 07:19:04 AEST 1989

Someone might find it interesting how I sometimes backup this system.
I run Microport '386 unix with dos merge.  vp/ix might also work.

Under dos merge, I run a LANTASTIC network to a dos only system (yes, 
lantastic works ok as a client under dos merge).  I created a fifo in 
/dev and run (from unix) 

        find / -depth -print | cpio -ocv | compress > /dev/fifo

>From dos merge I run 

        dd if=j:\dev\fifo of=n:unixcpio.z

Where j: is the dos name for the unix file system and dd is the mks
program.  COPY might also work.  The compress is optional and not a good
idea if you get any errors).

The net result is that I backup the unix file system onto a dos 
system.  Might be useful if you had lots of dos disk space or a tape 
drive that only worked under real dos.  

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                                   |  Ann Arbor, MI

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