Differences between Dynix and 386/ix (as(1), signals etc.)

Jonathan Meyer jonm at syma.sussex.ac.uk
Mon Oct 23 23:08:57 AEST 1989

I am involved in a port of an application that runs on a Sequent Symmetry 386
running Dynix, (as well as Suns, Bobcats and others) to Interactive systems
386ix (version 2) and other sysV systems.

The manuals for Interactive system are not very complete, and I have a few
(hundred) lines of 386 assembly code (needed for efficiency reasons) to
translate between machines. I don't have a manual for 386ix as(1) that lists
the syntax of the assembler, although I do have a manual for Dynix.

Can anyone mail me an on-line version of the manual, or give me advice about
the differences? Information about other differences between bsd and sysV
would be helpful (ie. signals, system calls, etc). Has anyone else been
involved in such a port, and if so, what advice do they have?

The software application is called Poplog - an AI programming environment
providing Prolog, Lisp and Pop-11. It is pretty complex, and uses a lot of
low-level code to provide the "poplog virtual machine".

Many thanks in advance for any advice that you may have.

Jonathan Meyer
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