TCP-IP over X.25 on 6386E UNIX System

maurice.r.baker mrb1 at cbnewsh.ATT.COM
Thu Oct 26 05:06:03 AEST 1989

Hi ---

I would like to run TCP-IP between a 3B2/600 and a 6386E [both under UNIX
System V].  To be more specific, the two systems are about 1500 miles
apart, and are interconnected by a 9600 baud private line equipped with
synchronous modems at each end.  Performance is not an issue at this time.
I have found reference to an X.25 "spigot"
for TCP-IP on the 3B2 end using the SPSC board (is this some derivative
of the ISC board?)  However, I've got no information yet on its companion
hardware/software on the 6386E end (we do have the AT&T X.25 card for the
6386E already, along with the 3B2 ISC card).  Can anyone advise, comment,
or otherwise shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance --

M. R. Baker
AT&T-BL, Holmdel, NJ
email to: hoqub!mrb (will also watch these newsgroups for replies)

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