Pascal and Basic compilers

John Burant johnb at
Sat Oct 28 06:41:36 AEST 1989

First off, there may be another newsgroup which would be better to post this
to, but I don't know which one (which would be more specific.)

Okay, I'm looking for Pascal and BASIC compilers and interpreters for a 
SCO UNIX/386.  Can anyone recommend one, and/or post the source and/or tell
me anywhere it is archived?

I know of pc: I believe this is $$$ software, right:
pbasic: is it pd or $$$ software?

Please reply by email.
If I enventually find one, I'll post the name, location, or whatnot?

Thank you.

-John C. Burant
johnb at
johnb at lakesys.UUCP

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