RDUBLK bug in INTERACTIVE 386/ix (AT&T V.32) on 386 PC/AT.

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM
Thu Oct 26 23:12:17 AEST 1989

In article <2455 at cadovax.UUCP> tzung at cadovax.UUCP () writes:
>We have found a generic bug in INTERACTIVE 386/ix(AT&T V.32) for 386 PC/AT.
>The RDUBLK sysi86() system call, i.e. ReaD User BLocK, will fail if the user
>block requested is not in core but in swap device.  This affect the "ps" and
>"crash" commands such that:
>	1. the "ps -aef" command will NOT show a process if it's swapped
>	   out at the time the "ps" command is running.
>	2. the "crash" command will show misleading information, especially
>	   in the "COMMAND" field if a process is swapped out.

You never specify what version of 386/ix you are running, but if I am not
mistaken this is one of the most significant bug fixes (in my opinion) in
2.02. At least it was the real motivating reason to install the upgrade
from 2.01 for me.

In any case, this bug is old news, if you had called ISC they would have
informed you of the fix (at least Santa Monica would've, not sure about
that east coast office :-).

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