Comparison of UNIXes for 386's in Nov MicroCornucopia

Andy Cromarty andy at zodiac.ADS.COM
Mon Oct 16 13:41:07 AEST 1989

A while back I posted a request for reviews on the alternative
UNIX versions and work-alikes for 386's.  

The Nov/Dec 1989 issue of Micro Cornucopia magazine contains an
article by Bob Morein of Automota Design Associates, Dresher, PA
entitled, "UNIX Packages for the PC" that reviews the 386 UNIX products
sold by SCO, Interactive Systems, Intel (Bell Technologies), Everex,
and Dell.  Tables provide information on the features available in
each vendor's base package. The article also includes some benchmark
data comparing the implementations on such tasks as Dhrystone and 
Compile&Link.  Apparently a diskette form of this issue is available
from Micro Cornucopia that contains additional performance benchmark
data beyond what appeared in print.

(For non-US netnews readers: Micro Cornucopia is a periodical published 
by Micro Cornucopia, Inc, P.O. Box 223, Bend, Oregon 97709 USA, telephone
503-382-8048 9am-5pm Pacific time Mon-Fri.  Newsstand cost of this issue 
in the USA was US $3.95.)

I hadn't seen mention of this article posted here yet; hope this helps
others who, like me, have been trying to make this purchase decision.


p.s. Obviously, I have nothing to do with any of these parties.

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