Interactive Systems 386ix - on line manuals, and VGA cards.

Jonathan Meyer jonm at
Mon Oct 23 23:29:21 AEST 1989

Questions for the keen:

1. I have been told by tech support that an upgrade for 386/ix with manual
pages will be available "in the near future". Does anyone know if this will
require the nroff/troff text processing module, or when "near future" is, or
how much such an upgrade will cost? Where else can I get documentation for
386/ix (I have the AT&T manual sets etc.)?

2. I run 386/ix on a 386sx (goes just fine, thank you) with an ATI VGA Wonder.
I have read several articles about this VGA card, but did not get the
responses. Does 386/ix work in the 1024x768 mode for this card? (Probably be
to slow to worry about anyway).

3. I also have a hercules card + monitor. In DOS (hiss), I can sort of run
both monitors at once, though not concurrently of course. I would have thought
that UNIX would be perfect at utilizing both of these monitors at once - does
anyone else have experience with this? My experience is that UNIX gets
confused about which monitor to use when switching into graphics modes.

Finally, it is worth noting that, although Interactive Systems only support a
few hardware products directly, a large range of products can be made to work
very well with 386/ix - for example I use the Conner Peripherals 3104 100MB
3.5" hard disk drive, that uses an "intelligent controller" (sort of cross
between RLL/ ST506, ESDI and SCSI from what I can tell). There is no mention
of Intelligent controllers in the release notes, though this drive works fine.

Jonathan Meyer
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PS. Excellent news group - invaluable hints and tips not found in the manual
are much appreciated. Thanks to all involved.

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