UNIX Driver for Roland MPU-401-IPC

Steve Tynor tynor at prism.gatech.EDU
Wed Apr 11 23:49:56 AEST 1990

In article <1400 at otc.otca.oz> ronb at otc.otca.oz.au (Ron Barrett) writes:
>Does anyone know where I get get my hands on a UNIX driver for a Roland
>MPU-401-IPC that'll be running in a 386 box. SCO Unix/Xenix or 386-ix drivers

Send mail to psl at bellcore.com (Peter Langston). He has a very nice toolset of
MIDI/Unix tools (including a MPU device driver). All his stuff was written for
Suns (3's and 386i's), but I would think that the driver could be modified to
run on other flavors of Unix. I got my original version from the UUNET
archives, but I think there has been an update since then.

    Steve Tynor
    Georgia Tech Research Institute
    Artificial Intelligence Branch
    tynor at prism.gatech.edu

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