Console & Mouse Problems

Thomas Roell roell at
Wed Apr 11 19:10:22 AEST 1990

It may bee asked yet, but anyway..

I've build a graphics application, and the Problem ist that every time the
kernel sends a message (ex. FD(0): NO SPACE,... etc.) to the console my
graphics are destroyed. How can I prevent the kernel form sending messages
direct to the console? 

Does it perhaps linking /dev/console to /dev/null ? (not the good way) Or
is there a simple way. 

Next Question:

My Doc states that there is a special memory-mapped keyboard mode (especially
for X-Windows). Has anybody out there used it allready ? If so, please send me
some example code. Can I use this mode for a seriell driven mouse too ? Or is
there another way to get a signal from the kernal whenever a mouse-event 
arrives (currently I'm using poll(2) and nonblocking reads, but thats too 

- Thomas

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