Printing eight bit data (was Re: Need information on VP/IX or DosMer)

Rich Seligson rich at aggie.UUCP
Sat Apr 7 01:29:33 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr3.174451.9688 at pcrat.uucp> rick at pcrat.UUCP (Rick Richardson) writes:
>... your line printer
>spooler 'interface' (shell script) doesn't have a "raw" or 8 bit transparent
>option.  We've posted one for the HP's here several times in recent
>history.  You install this interface in place of whatever you currently
>use.  Whenever you need to send 8 bit data, you use the -oraw option
>to lp. ...

I'm using SCO unix and I have a similar but more difficult problem.  I
can't get 8 bit data to print at all, regardless of whether I'm in
vpix or not.  I've already modified my spooler interface script with
no luck.  As a matter of fact, redirecting a file of eight bit data
(only) to /dev/lp0 seems to send nothing to the printer.

(t.o is a file of 15 ascii 223(decimal) characters)
cat t.o > /dev/lp     <-- sends nothing to printer
date > /dev/lp        <-- works fine (sends output of date to printer)

Anyone have an idea on this one?  Thanks in advance.

rich at!aggie!rich

P.S. The original posting was in regard to Interactive Unix, beacuse
     the subject is similar, I'm following up about SCO Unix.

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