Another ISC 386/ix bug?

steve at cdp.UUCP steve at cdp.UUCP
Mon Feb 19 11:40:00 AEST 1990

vidot!brown wrote :

> Entering commands on the keyboard fails to do anything...

We have a similar problem.  Each tty port, all virtual consoles,
and the main console (but not virtual X.25 sessions over non-tty
devices), act as if 2 processes are reading from the /dev/tty* .
So, some characters make it, and some don't.  

The problem goes away without booting, if I bang on the console
for a while (switch virtual consoles, type a lot, etc.).
The problem also goes away if I power cycle a modem on
an Anvil Stallion tty board.

ISC support says (as usual), it is the fault of the Stallion
driver, but the Anvil folks (who have good support), haven't
seen this behaviour before.

Our machine is well used -- usually more than 20 logins during
the day and 4-8 at night.

Steve Fram
Chief PRogrammer
Community Data Processing
{pyramid, hplabs, ...}!cdp!steve

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