putting a machine together, some questions

Jay Ts jay at metran.UUCP
Sat Feb 3 17:46:06 AEST 1990

In article <1349 at island.uu.net>, daniel at island.uu.net (Dan Smith "Nightmare on Elway Street") writes:
> 	My wife (sprice at well.sf.ca.us) and I are putting together
> a 386 for home, and have a couple of questions.  First off, here's
> our hardware list:
> 	33 Mhz 386 w/64k cache on a Mylex motherboard with AMI bios
>	[etc.]

I am using a home-built system based on Mylex's MI386-20 motherboard.  My system
passed BIOS tests OK, but wouldn't boot UNIX.  Symptom: System freezes at the
"Booting the UNIX System..." message from ISC's 386/ix.

I called Mylex's Technical Support, which is where the *real* trouble began.
They have (had?) a horrible phone system, which has disconnected 2/3 of my
calls to them.  When I tried to leave messages on their "phone mail", it took
days for the calls to be returned.  By then I had already managed to get a
call through direct to a Tech Support person.  He explained that it was the
AMI BIOS which was the problem.

(Background: I had received a photo brochure from Mylex, specifying that the
MI386-20 supports UNIX and was available with an Award or Phoenix BIOS.  The
photo shows an AMI BIOS, if you look *real* close.)

I was told they would ship me a Phoenix BIOS, and I could return the AMI BIOS
for a refund.  When the new BIOS did not arrive as expected, I called back
(more problems with the phone system...).  I was told that something had gone
wrong, (due to a miscommunication between Tech Support and the department that
actually was supposed to ship the chips) but the new BIOS would go out the same
day.  After a couple more cycles of waiting, calling back, and them trying to
correct the matter, I was referred to their Customer Relations Dept. where a
very good person finally made sure I got the Phoenix BIOS.  He (it seems I have
made a serious error in losing his name) had been aware of the problem with the
phones and corporate structure/communications and had tried to get the
management to make the appropriate changes.  (He had some really good ideas...)

I hope that they finally listen to him, for I simply cannot recommend Mylex
products to *anyone* until they get their act together!

By the way, the Phoenix BIOS works, but after 2 months, I still have not
received the refund they promised...

				Jay Ts, Director
				Metran Technology
				Clearwater FL

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