Kermit (dated Apr 89) and /dev/tty01

Art Neilson art at pilikia.uucp
Fri Feb 23 05:22:11 AEST 1990

In article <1579 at sas.UUCP> sastdr at sas.UUCP (Thomas David Rivers) writes:
>   I recently acquired a version of kermit dated Apr 89, and
>did a "make sys5r3" on an ISC 2.0.1 box.
>   The make ran fine, and the resulting "wermit" worked
>(after I set the mode of /usr/spool/uucp to 777 for the lock files.)
>I can run it, do a set line /dev/tty01 and talk to my 2400 baud
>modem with no problems.  However, when I do a binary receive,
>after the file has been transferred, and the C-kermit> prompt
>returns, the machine beeps and drops the line (i.e. the modem
>hangs up.)
>   Perhaps a related problem is happening in my UUCP connections,
>frequently, when uucico tries to dial out (on /dev/tty01) it
>complains about the line being dropped; but then succeeds on the
>next try.  I can also demonstrate this with a cu; the first cu
>bomps out with "Lost connection"; the next one works.
>   Any ideas?
>	- Thanx -
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This is a problem regarding locking.  HDB UUCP keeps locks in /usr/spool/locks
and futhermore stores the ASCII PID of the locking process in the lock file.
Kermit DOES have support for HDB, however it's not defined correctly in the
sys5r3 rule in the kermit Makefile.  Simply add -DATT3BX to the rule for build-
ing the sys5r3 version of kermit and everything should be fine.  Examine the
C program "ckutio.c", it's obvious in the code what the ATT3BX is supposed to
be used for.  It would have been more appropriate to call the define HDB !
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