Imake for 386ix 2.0.2

Casie Ashley Dyerman casie at soda.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jan 2 11:06:47 AEST 1990

	It would seem that somebody that I know rather well (yes you Cassidy)
has goofed about the availibilty of Imake. I am posting the sources and a few
sample files to go along with the source. The dist is not that big, is definately
one of the most useful utilities that I have on my system. I will post the
shell archives in two parts. Cassidy, in reference to your serial port woes,
when will get it the hint and buy a Digiboard? :) I have had no problems with
getting my modems to talk at all with the Digiboard, and the tech support is
great! (Not like the dweebs at ISC :) Well, I gotta jam, and return to my
programming. Its back to the old "hiding out and just reading". 

                                               Casie Ashley Dyerman

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