XMODEM,YMODEM,ZMODEM,KERMIT Which is best and why?

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Tue Jan 2 10:13:29 AEST 1990

>     b.  multitasking (DesqView) a graphics (high cpu overhead) application
>         in another window tends to cause retries/packet failures (yes, I
>         know that there must be a way to tune the DesqView parameters so
>         that this doesn't happen.  I haven't found it!)

I have several modems (4) all communicating at speeds of 9.6/19.2k and I can 
grab any modem from the pool, dial out and initiate a Zmodem transfer and
get throughtput just as good as if I were calling out from a single user
PC under DOS.  With the HST modem, 1707 cps on archived transfers is the

Hardware?  25mhz '386 with smart serial board (10 mhz 80186).
OS is ISC 2.02 System V.

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