Problems with new 386/ix (help needed)

Daniel E. Platt platt at ndla.UUCP
Thu Jan 11 03:06:02 AEST 1990

In article <3 at vidiot.UUCP>, brown at vidiot.UUCP (Vidiot) writes:
> OK, now for the real problems.
> For some stupid reason I can't get access to com1 (tty00).  If I do a
> 	cu -ltty00
> I get:
> 	connect failed: CAN'T ACCESS DEVICE

In your /usr/lib/uucp directory, there are several files that describe to
the various UUCP utilities what configuration you're dealing with.  In your
Devices file, you have entries for various ways that you can connect to the
tty lines.  Example: if you want to call a system via 'cu <system name>' then
you need an entry like:

ACU tty00 - 2400 hayes

is an entry that tells 'cu' and 'uucico' that 'Auto Call Unix' device at
2400 baud uses a 'hayes' dialing sequence.  The details of that sequence
are defined in your Dialers file.  Another example:  if you want to make
a DIRECT connection to the tty line, you'ld need to issue a command like
'cu -l tty00 -s 2400' to connect to tty00 at 2400 baud.  However, you'd
need an entry in your Devices file that would look like:

Direct tty00 - 2400 direct

You'd need one such entry for EACH speed (ie 9600 or 19200 baud) that you
intend to use.  

> As far as the tbl program problem is concerned, I just loaded up the old
> MicroPort tbl program.  I can't wait until it arrives.

You have troff with microport?

> All of the programs that I compiled under MicroPort work directly here.
> I too don't like the compiler complaining about text after #endif lines.
> I'm thinking about loading up the Green Hills compiler, as it didn't complain.

I like Green Hills compilers.  There are some things to be aware of.  For
example, x==y doesn't produce a '1' if x == y; it produces a non-zero.  More
important, there are libraries that don't work well with Greenhills stuff (on
my system, which is ATT).  I never got the X11 stuff working right.  On the
other hand, its FAST.

> I haven't had a chance to dig into this problem yet, but what is the deal
> with the modems that are attached to a com port having to have the carrier
> detect on before they can be addressed.  Is there something that needs to be
> changed so that isn't necessary...

This could be a microport problem, but I doubt it.  Some modems echo answer
characters to uugetty.  If uugetty gets characters before CD, it may flush
things and start over.  You may need to set the modem flags so that they default
to having no echo before answering.  You also might consider looking at your
/etc/gettydefs file to make sure that before answering, NOECHOx flags are set,
and ECHOx flags AFTER answering.  This is also a nice file because you can use
it to modify your remote login banner.  The modem defaults are sometimes
settable with DIP switches.  If you're using a Telebit Trailblazer, you can
set them up in ROM with no problem.  'cu' direct allows you to do some set-up
experimentation if you have the Devices file set up.

I'd also recommend getting a 'breakout box' to help experiment with getting
things set up (you can 'fake' a CD always on for example 'till you get the
rest of it right).

>...I want to get the modem set up (com2) so
> that it will be dial-in as well as dial-out.  I haven't had a chance to look
> at the portion of the manuals talking about bidirectional uucp.  Any help
> to manual pages or tips for various file settings would be appreciated.

I don't recall this being a huge problem (it was a little tricky with the
Trailblazer).  You could tell the Trailblazer to ignore output from uugetty
but then you couldn't talk to the Trailblazer at all.  At the same time,
if uugetty echoed back the Trailblazer's messages, it hung up.  The way around
this connundrum was to turn of pre-answer echoes in the /etc/gettydefs file.
Then the modem could both answer and dial out with no problems. 

To have dial-outs, you need to define what systems you are dialing.  This is
done in the /etc/lib/uucp/Systems file.  This essentially contains entries:

<system name> <legal dial days/hours> <pseudo-device--'ACU'> <speed> \ 
	<number> <auto login sequence>

The ACU (like the description in Devices above) associates some system 
configuration info with a pseudo device name (ACU, ACU1, ACU2, &c).  The
auto login sequence looks like prompt - response.  If you want to set up
auto-dialing for Polled mail pickup, you need to set up the /usr/lib/uucp/Poll
file to tell UUCP what hours to poll the other systems.  You also want to
set up the Crontabs file from account 'uucp' to run polled pickup.

I can't think of anything else that you need to do.  I hope the above
descriptions of what the files do helps you follow the documentation better.

> I plan on having anonymous uucp access to this system so that the stuff I
> produce can be obtained without having to mail it out.


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