HELP! uucico hangs!

Paul Gillingwater paul at
Mon Jan 8 14:49:43 AEST 1990

In article <9 at> snorri at (Snorri Bergmann) writes:

>of trouble using the bi-directional capabilities (dial-in and -out on the
>same port). Everything works fine (I poll a computer every
>2 hours) *until somebody logs in on that port!!* After that I get FAIL from
>uucico every time it calls and the only cure seems to be to reboot the system.

>Any ideas before I post the entire debug script?

What worked for me was to implement MODEMCTL.SHAR which you can obtain
from your nearest source archive (I found it on SIMTEL).  This produces
/etc/modem, which just replaces your uugetty.  Woks just great for me
for dial-in and dial-out, under ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 (without the X5 update).

Paul Gillingwater, paul at

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