ISC's X11 and the ATI VGA Wonder

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Thu Jan 4 02:48:23 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jan2.174214.18507 at> scottw at (Scott Wiesner) writes:
>After seeing a number of complaints about using the ATI VGA Wonder (and
>the built in mouse) with the Interactive X11 product, I decided it was 
>time to retry this setup on my machine.  I did the following:
>	Re-configured my kernel to include the Logitec bus mouse driver.
>	Shut down my machine.
>	Installed the ATI card.
>	Used ATI's "vsetup" program to configure the mouse at the 
>		primary address and use interrupt 5.
>	Booted unix.
>	Edited my Xconfig file to use a Logitec bus mouse with 2 buttons.
>	Ran the 1.0 version of Xvga.  Everything's fine.
>	Ran the X3 update version of Xvga.  Everything's fine.
>	Ran the 1.1 version of Xvga.  Everything's fine.
>Other comments:
>As far as I can tell, things work just fine.  It's true you can't tell
>X you've got a Microsoft Bus mouse in this case, but telling it you've
>got a Logitec Bus mouse (which is what you really have!) works just fine.

This may be true for your board, but it's not true for mine.

If I tell the system I have a Microsoft bus mouse (which is what the manual
that came with the board says this is) it doesn't work.  At all. 

If I tell the system I have a Logitech mouse it works -- sorta.  The system
finds a mouse, I can read /dev/logi, but any program which tries to use it
is so fast on the mouse speed as to be unusable.  By "so fast" I mean as in
0.1cm movement == pointer across the screen!  

We don't have "X" installed yet (they haven't gotten it to us; we're waiting
for 1.1), but we do have VP/IX installed.  I tried to install MS Windows
under VP/IX, and got that result.  Incredible speed, no resolution to speak 

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