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Hi Netlanders!

I have read several different blurbs about Hunter Systems in different
PC and UNIX publications in the last few months.  They claim to have
a package that converts DOS software into UNIX software, with the help
of a special translator package that they sell.  According to one
recent article I saw, a version of Quattro has already been converted.

I am running ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 and would like to migrate as many VP/ix
applications as possible to native UNIX.  VP/ix is great as long as only
1 or 2 people are running it, but beyond that it REALLY slows down the whole

Does anybody out there know HOW one can obtain the required programs and
key files from Hunter Systems to run these already-converted DOS applications?

None of the articles I've seen have ever mentioned how an end-user could
actually get hold of these programs!  

Also, has anybody actually used any of these converted programs?  If so,
are they really more effiecient than the VP/ix versions?  Under VP/ix,
the process continues to accrue processor time regardless of whether
or not the user is active.  And finally, what do you lose in functionality
by using the "converted" program?  I assume screen graphics are out, but
what about printer support and keyboard support (i.e. ALT keys and function

Any info that helps to shed some light on this would be GREATLY appreciated.
It all sounds really neat, but why haven't I seen more about it?

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