Computone board for dial in/out modem - anybody make it work

kirk moore kmoore at shiloh.UUCP
Tue Jan 16 12:04:39 AEST 1990

That is basiclly the way I had to get my Computone board to run. I got a
couple of tech support people that could not help, so I got a break out
box and sat in front of the system for 4 hrs working out the proper

I have 3 2400 buad modems running, and a printer (laser). I have not had
a day of problems since getting the pin-out right off the break out box.

Kirk Moore

Kirk Moore --- Bellevue, WA ---
shiloh  --- Bellevue, WA --- (206) 562-1561(board) - (206) 747-5709(voice)

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