Windows 3.0 under vpix?

William Miskovetz misko at abhg.UUCP
Sun Jun 3 15:05:15 AEST 1990

In article <721 at bulus3.BMA.COM>, haugen at bulus3.BMA.COM (John M. Haugen) writes:
> In article <202 at abhg.UUCP>, misko at abhg.UUCP (William Miskovetz) writes:
>> Has anyone installed Windows 3.0 under vpix?  I attempted it, but
>> I get a "General protection violation, cannot emulate instruction"
>> You use to be able to run Windows under vpix.  Is this no longer true?
>Same problem here.  I called ISC and was informed they are aware of the problem.
>The problem is Microsoft's setup program determines that it is running on a
>"286" class machine and attempts to use some of the 286 instruction set.  The
>virtual mode of the 386 does not support those instructions and hence the error
>Loading it onto a DOS partition from DOS and then running it under vpix in
>real mode may work.  Unfortunately, I don't have a dos partition anymore.

Well, I still have a DOS partition, so I tried it.  Even trying to run
it in real mode causes the same error.  I suspect that Microsoft will
not fix it for us, so the only hope is that ISC fixes vpix.  I tried
it with vpix 1.1.1.  I wonder if the upgrade that came out with 2.2
works any differently.  Anyone know?  Thanks.

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