FLAME ABOUT COMMERCIALS IN EMAIL [Books Account: Technical books]

Paul De Bra debra at alice.UUCP
Fri Jun 8 07:52:59 AEST 1990

In article <M1JJH00.90Jun6214152 at macs1.fed.frb.gov> m1jjh00 at fed.frb.gov (Jeffrey J. Hallman) writes:
>In article <9006051701.aa28475 at PARIS.ICS.UCI.EDU> baxter at robespierre.ICS.UCI.EDU (Ira Baxter) writes:
>>   ...
>I don't see the problem here.  I also received this message and I
>responded positively to it.  The marketroid at least had the grace to
>make his offer by email rather than posting it, and he did indicate
>that only those who ask will receive the messages....

There is a difference between posting and e-mail:
- if many companies start posting commercial junk to a newsgroup then it
  takes too much time to hit 'n' all the time to skip the junk messages,
  so people who do not have all day for reading news are going to quit
  reading the newsgroup.
- if those companies start e-mailing commercial junk to people who post
  in a newsgroup then it takes too much time skipping the junk mail
  so these people will refrain from posting to the group in order to
  remain unknown.
In either case it is likely that the people who could provide the most
valuable contributions to the newsgroup are going to stop contributing
in order to not waste their time on reading junk news or reading junk mail.

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