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Michael Richardson michael at fts1.uucp
Sat Jun 30 16:21:17 AEST 1990

In article <651 at mecky.UUCP> walter at mecky.UUCP (Walter Mecky) writes:
>In article <1990Jun22.133240.14458 at ddsw1.MCS.COM> karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM (Karl Denninger) writes:
>+ #CONSOLE=/dev/console

  I can, btw, confirm, that this did the trick for me with interactive.
I'm curious now -- what section of the manual did I NOT read that would
have told me this?

>Sorry, not in SCO-UNIX. When I login next, I'm asked for a password.
>The only (obscure) thing possible with SCO-UNIX is a password of length
>zero, e.m. you only have to press <enter> when you are asked for the

  How about replacing /bin/login? 

>My question: If I do _not_ want C2 but an account without password in
>SCO-UNIX, how can I get this ?

  From what I've heard, one CAN'T turn off the C2 stuff in SCO. Is this
correct? It sounds too silly to be true.
  Does the accounting stuff shut off if you run out of space on the
disk containing the log files? Or does the system just stop?

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