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rb duc root at grumbly.UUCP
Wed May 2 11:56:45 AEST 1990

->I think it's time for "root at grumbly" to come clean with exactly what
->his/her relationship is with SCO.  Ludicrous attacks like this,
->combined with constant rantings over the newsgroup naming issue,
->("i386" != "386/ix"; i386 is how the dang chip is labeled, fool!)
->make me (at least) think that this person has stronger ties with SCO
->than just a "generic satisfied user."
->And, I suppose that the fact that he is located just a few miles
->down the road from SCO is pure coincidence    [-:
->Alan Denney # Informix # aland at informix.com # {pyramid|uunet}!infmx!aland

My family has been on the west coast since the 1850's - we were here long
before SCO.  My mother's side of the family founded Seattle, but I don't
post or work for Microsoft.

I do not work for, nor have I ever worked for SCO (in any way).  I use their
software, but not because they are based in a neighboring town.  

I actually got dragged into this net war.  I thought a few people were 
making some bad assumptions. Several posts later I was into the 
fray.  When people make personal attacks - you must defend yourself.  
Most of my posting has been in response to these personal attacks.  
A few have presented informed, thought-out responses - many were a 
little of both.  And several only know how to call people names.  
I tried to adjust to each in kind.

Believe it or not Alan, there were a number of people a few weeks ago who
were confused by the name comp.unix.i386.  Do you read every piece of
documentation you get?  I haven't made many postings about it either!
Most of what you see are Re:s and responses with the original posting

This thing has been hashed out fairly well now. How about some new business.

rb duc

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