UNIX and IDE interface?

Dave Remien dave at pmafire.UUCP
Thu May 31 13:36:32 AEST 1990

In article <1990May30.201251.2113 at msuinfo.cl.msu.edu> jhl at frith.uucp (John Lawitzke) writes:
+From article <2284 at crdos1.crd.ge.COM>, by davidsen at crdos1.crd.ge.COM (Wm E Davidsen Jr):
+>   Has anyone ever run Xenix or UNIX on a system with a IDE disk? 

+It runs just fine. By definition an IDE disk presents a standard ST506
+interface to the system. To Xenix/UNIX this just looks like a standard
+MFM or RLL disk. From throughput comparisons I've run on Quantum SCSI
+and IDE drives, the IDE drives have performance just slightly under the
+SCSI performance.

Same here; only caveat I'd like to add is that I've yet to get UNIX
(ESIX or Intel) to install on a system with IDE and a Phoenix BIOS, even
one with the user entered disk parameters.  No problems with AMI; using
disk type 47 and user entered parameters.  This is using Conner disk
drives, and any of the IDE interface on the MB, a Conner IDE to ISA
adapter, or a Miniscribe IDE to ISA adapter. 

The Conner 3204 is a fast little drive.

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