Come on, stop blaming/flaming SCO!

Buster Irby rli at
Sun May 6 05:45:13 AEST 1990

dma at pcssc.UUCP (Dave Armbrust) writes:

>comp.applications.text-processing need to be tied at least to the OS.
>(i.e. comp.unix.applications.text-processing).  But this is still too
>broad.  Does anyone know how many different text-processing apps run 
>under UNIX?  Even if we could convince users with a lyrix question to post to
>comp.unix.applications.text-processing do you think a person with expertise
>with lyrix would spend the time to read through these postings about all these
>different text processor?  Do you think SCO is unreasonable because they don't
>want to either? Besides non-technical users do not want to read about all the
>different word processors, they want to read about THEIR word processor.  

Do you believe that this person with lyrix expertise will want to spend 
the time to to read through all of the technical discussions which would 
occur in your proposed group comp.unix.sco?  Non technical users do not
want to read about the operating system either!

In the future you should refrain from dragging your version of the opinions 
of SCO into this discussion.  If SCO has anything to say on this subject
then the SCO news administrator or some other authorized representative 
of SCO can tell us how they feel on this subject.

Furthermore, if you want this group setup so SCO can support their products, 
then we are in the wrong section of the network.  Vendor sponsored support
groups belong in biz.* not in comp.*.
Buster Irby  buster!rli

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