Using GCC/GAS Xenix on AT&T Unix V/386.3.2

John C. Archambeau jca at
Sat May 5 01:36:56 AEST 1990

perand at (Per Andersson) writes:
>In article <2496 at> jca at (John C. Archambeau) writes:
>>Maybe I'd better refine the question, what's the difference between ordinary
>>swapping and demand paging?  I've heard of systems having both and the demand
>>pager kicking in when the swapper is heavily loaded.  Or am I listening to
>Swapping is when you move whole processes in and out of memory, paging when
>you move parts (pages). This is my favourite bashing of System V contra BSD.
>System V up to and including 3.2 doesn't have paging ! The most recent trouble
>I had with this was when installing the brand new 386/ix on my machine. 
>I found some nice things not in the kernel, and added support for them, but no,
>there was to little memory to run them. Then I tried to build a new kernel,
>like the original one - bang. The linker process was to big to fit in memory 
>at the same time as the OS, so it wouldn't build. Yawn..... Of course I could 
>have read the manual but...
>Now does anybody really know if Xenix/386 can do paging ?

Thanks for that explanation.  And as for whether or not Xenix 386 does paging.
I'm sure it does.  I went into /usr/sys/conf and ran ./configure (as root) and
did some kernel tweaking.  It would indicate that you can tell it how much you
can page in and out for processes.  Apparently (I did not tweak any parameters
dealing with virtual memory, swapping, or paging) you can make processes
larger than physical memory.  So if that's the case, it has to support paging.
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