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Thu May 24 08:00:00 AEST 1990

>/* ---------- "Info on Adaptec ACB 2322" ---------- */
>I have recently acquired a ST2383E (Imprimis WREN VI) and an
>Adaptec 2322 controller (labeled ACB 2322B-8 on U28). The ST2383E
>is a 15Mb/s ESDI drive. I would like to know if the Adaptec controller
>is capable of driving a 15Mb/s drive and which performance should
>be expected.
>According to an add in a German magazine there exist three versions of
>this controller:
>ACB 2322B   for 10Mb/s 
>ACB 2322B-0 for 15Mb/s
>ACB 2322D   for 20Mb/s drives.
>My dealer however assures me that these versions don't exist. He claims
>that the three versions are:
>ACB 2322B no cache
>ACB 2322B-8 8K cache
>ACB 2322B-16 16K cache
>Which of the above is correct and how do I know if my controller
>is suited for this drive.

Here's the poop.

ACB-2322B	10 MBit ESDI Controller w/floppy
ACB-2322B-8	15 MBit ESDI Controller w/floppy w/8K read ahead buffer
ACB-2322B-16	15 MBit ESDI Controller w/floppy w/16K read ahead buffer
ACB-2322D	20 Mbit ESDI Controller w/floppy w/64K read ahead cache

			Roy Neese
			Adaptec Central Field Applications Engineer
			UUCP @  uunet!swbatl!texbell!

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