SMTP connections hang...:-(

Dean Riddlebarger dean at
Wed May 9 04:13:43 AEST 1990

Has anyone seen behavior like this?

We have a Compaq Systempro running ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 [System V 3.2]; it
serves as our central mailhub on a thin-ether network.  We are trying
to bring some Sparcstations into the picture, but every time they
make a connection on the SMTP port [port 25 in the default ISC TCP/IP
setup] they refuse to drop it when the actual mail transaction is
completed.  After one or two hangs in this manner the Systempro
refuses to open any additional SMTP ports, and mail services
effectively grind to a halt.  Running a sendmail stop/start
sequence [/etc/init.d/sendmail stop, /etc/init.d/sendmail start]
clears everything out, but this strikes me as a very nonoptimal
solution. [I can't check the Systempro every hour to see if things
need to be cleared, and turning a cron loose could result in some
messy mailus interruptus....:-)]

If anyone has any notions, please post or email.  I'll summarize
results if we get this thing fixed.....

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