UUCP over ethernet

Guy Harris guy at auspex.auspex.com
Fri May 4 06:31:26 AEST 1990

>Yes, you can do uupc over TCP, if your uucp supports this. That is what
>the uucpd daemon is for.

Time to point this out again:

"UUCP over TCP" doesn't necessarily refer to one particular thing.

One UUCP-over-TCP was, to a large degree, done by your president (or
whatever the hell is Rick's official title) at Computer Consoles; that
mechanism is the one you're discussing, and is in the 4.3BSD UUCP, as
well as patches to Honey Danber source that Peter Honeyman put out (and
which were folded into the SunOS 4.1 HDB-based UUCP).

Another is the UUCP-over-TLI stuff supported by the HDB that comes with
System V Release 3.x; this is UUCP-over-TCP if you have a TLI-based TCP
implementation, which I assume a number of S5R3 systems have.  As far as
I know, the two aren't compatible; for one thing, Rick's UUCP-over-TCP
uses the "t" encapsulation that he devised, while the S5R3 UUCP has only
the "e" encapsulation.

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