Wanted: Coherent mailing list

Alfredo Delgado Garza adelgado at mtecv2.mty.itesm.mx
Wed Sep 5 13:56:21 AEST 1990

>>>>> On 29 Aug 90 22:48:05 GMT, pred at iitmax.IIT.EDU (Predrag S. Bundalo) said:

Predrag> 	Wanted: everyone who is using Coherent (unix for pc's)
Predrag> 	and would like to trade sources, binaries, and information
Predrag> 	with other Coherent users.   I'd like to form an e-mailing
Predrag> 	list of Coherent users as I think one is necessary.
Predrag> 	Please mail me your name and email address with a short
Predrag> 	message if you would like to be part of this group.

Predrag> 	-Pred
Predrag> 	pred at iitmax.iit.edu

There exists an internet list, it is brand new, but it is active.

The address for the list is:

coherent at cs.wisc.edu

and for administrative things you can contact:

coherent-request at cs.wisc.edu

Hope this helps.
Alfredo Delgado Garza.
Internet: adelgado at mtecv2.mty.itesm.mx            I.T.E.S.M.
Bitnet:   pa126318 at tecmtyvm                   Monterrey NL, Mexico

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