uEmacs 3.10, Esix rev D, X windows

Eric M. Kleinpaste eric at novavax.UUCP
Fri Sep 7 22:36:24 AEST 1990

	I am having some difficulty using uEmacs 3.10 under X
windows. I am running Esix V.3.2 rev D. The problem has to do
with how escape sequences are being handled. When using uemacs
without X windows all appears to be working fine. The cursor
(arrow) keys are handled properly. Under X windows I was finding
that the escape sequences were not being handled properly. The
escape character was being eating along with the '[' character,
leaving the A, B, C or D on the screen.

	When looking at the code I increased the count variable
in the mttgetc function listed below. The escape sequences
started working when I raised the count value up to 4000!!! Does
X buffer escape sequences. Running through that for(;;) loop
4000 times takes about 1 second real time.

	Does anybody have any idea on what is happening?

/* get a character with timeout */
	struct termio tset;
	int status;
	char c,c_eof,c_eol;
	int i,count;
	long trns;

	for(count=150; count != 0 ; --count) {
		i = read(0,&c,1); 		/* get a character */
		if (i == 1)			/* got a char */
	if (i<= 0)	/* timeout error */
	i = c;
	return(i & 0xff);		/* return character */

	Thanks for any help.

Eric M. Kleinpaste
ComputerPeople Consulting

	"I have never seen anything fill up a vacuum so fast
and still suck."  Rob Pike on X windows

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