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>>>>>> On 30 May 91 06:00:09 GMT, akcs.millera at ddsw1.MCS.COM (alan miller) said:
>If you are going to run UNIX and in particular SVR4, you will need
>more than 50MB disk.  A better size would be 140MB or bigger.  4MB of
>memory is minimal for UNIX with X Windows, 8MB is better.  If you run
>SCO UNIX 3.2, you should be okay with the system you have spec'ed out
>here.  Always get as big of a disk as you can, you will use it if you
>are a packrat like me.


>alan> 2) Once i have a system and have *nix running on it, is there a way to
>alan>    boot *ahem, sorry 'bout this...* DOS if i need to, or should i just 
>As far as running DOS AND UNIX together, there are two packages that
>let you do that under UNIX.  MERGE from Locus Computing and VP/IX from
>Interactive System Corporation (also a distributor of UNIX).  VP/IX is
>well integrated into ISC's UNIX 3.2 product.  We have even been able
>to run Windows 3.0 under VP/IX.

You can have both DOS and unix partitions on the same hard disk, and boot
from either; (I think this is the answer Alan was looking for). I've 
sucessfully booted DOS as partition #2 (i.e. not starting at cylinder 0) with
both SCO and Esix; I'm told it doesn't work that way with ISC, DOS must start
at cylinder 0, but I've not verified this.

I have a program which (i think!) allows you to decide what partition to boot
from when you power up. That's how I understoodthe explanation given with 
the program, never installed it. If you want mode info, e-mail me.
>I hope that helps....
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