SCSI or ethernet via parallel port ?

John B. Milton jbm at uncle.uucp
Tue Jan 29 17:00:51 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jan25.035120.11117 at iguana.uucp> merce at iguana.uucp (Jim Mercer) writes:
>[ forgive me if this concept has be shot to hell already ]
>there exist on the market a number of "thingy"'s that attach to the parallel
>most of them are called printers.  8^)
>but there are newer gizmos which can, with drivers under MS-DOS, adapt the
>port into a SCSI controller or an ethernet NIC.
>on the unix-pc/CT miniframe, you can write loadable device drivers.
>could a driver be implemented to use one of these devices?
>on another note.  could a device driver be written to do SLIP on the serial
>port(s) and interface with the pty's?

I talked with a company that has a parallel port Ethernet thingy, and said
I would love to make it work for my computer. They said there was NO WAY they
could release hardware specs or source.

As far as the software, the low level stuff to get through the port would be
fairly straight forward. The really difficult stuff is the higher level

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