UNIX-pcs & Equipment FOR SALE

Gil Kloepfer Jr. gil at limbic.ssdl.com
Tue Jan 29 15:38:48 AEST 1991

Well...As I fould out, some of the equipment I was trying to sell before
was either priced too high, or wasn't in high demand.  Here's my second
try on whatever's left.

Unless otherwise specified, all items *include* Federal Express standard
shipping.  The reason for this is that UPS doesn't honor insurance
unless items are shipped in their original cartons.  I also have had
too many bad experiences with UPS to trust them with this equipment.
There will be *NO* COD deliveries, and all remaining items should be
paid for by cashier's ("bank") check (unless we agree otherwise).
Again, since everything here was used for at least a year with no
problems, all sales are final.

All flames can go straight to /dev/null...as far as I'm concerned, after
seeing what others are asking for used 3B1s, some of the prices here are
much too low.  Most are average.

Here's what's left: (again, note that prices now INCLUDE shipping)


Three (3) 3B1 StarLAN networking cards with original software and
documentation set:  $265 (all 3 cards + docs)

AT&T Voice power card (2.2 rev), with software.  Send e-mail if you
need more information on what comes with the board   $330

Extra keyboard (soiled, but works), no mouse    $35

40 MB Miniscribe 6053 hard disk, 28ms, FH.
In perfect operating condition.  Makes a slight whine on power-down,
but has been used for over a year with no operational problems as
both a 2nd UNIX-pc drive and as a primary drive in a 286-based PC.
Unit will be shipped in a box used to ship a FH MAXTOR drive.   $200

** All *3B1 Systems* are being sold on a "Bid" basis.  Each system will be
sold to the highest "bidder" over $825.  Please specify which system(s)
you are bidding on (Bids will be closed at Midnight (CST), February 9,

System 1:
AT&T UNIX-pc 3B1   40MB disk, 2M memory, ICUS upgrade, AC fan,
	VIDPAL upgrade, additional floppy drive (720K 3.5"),
	WD2010, socketed (new) clock battery, complete doc and
	development set.  Case has been modified slightly (switch
	installed) in order to toggle between 5.25" and 3.5" floppy
	drive.  Cables necessary to connect additional floppy drive
	are included.  ICUS upgrade instructions included so that cables
	may be made to allow additional hard disk to be added.  The
	upgrade was the prototype to the original ICUS upgrade, and
	has been in operation for over 2 years. (was system "limbic")

System 2:
AT&T UNIX-pc 3B1   40MB disk, 2M memory, VIDPAL upgrade, AC fan,
	WD2010, socketed (new) clock battery, no documentation or
	manuals.  OS & development set on hard drive. (was system "pretzel")

System 3:
AT&T UNIX-pc 3B1   80MB disk, 2M memory, ICUS upgrade and/or P5.1 PAL
	upgrade, AC fan, WD2010.  Complete doc and development set.
	ICUS upgrade requires new cable from extension board to
	motherboard.  ICUS upgrade instructions included so that cables
	may be made to allow additional hard disk to be added.  P5.1
	PAL is installed with an adapter which allows it to be used
	without changing the ICUS upgrade motherboard cabling.  Hard
	drive has been upgraded to a Seagate ST4096. (was Judy Scheltema's
	system "moray")


Gil Kloepfer, Jr.              gil at limbic.ssdl.com   ...!ames!limbic!gil 
Southwest Systems Development Labs (Div of ICUS)   Houston, Texas
"There are beautiful people I wish would have never opened their mouths,
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