Help Understanding PANIC message

vincent.j.guinto vjg at
Thu Jan 31 14:41:01 AEST 1991


This evening when I got home from work, I found my 7300 sitting
patiently with the following hideous and frightening gibberish
on the screen:

hpte: 0x4001
type = 0x1F, pid = 0, pc = 0x165C, rps = 0x2004, p = 0x4A030
D0=14, D1=0, D2=0, D3=FFFFB1E0
A0=400100,A1=400104, A2=7AE02, A3=4A490
A4=4A180, A5=4A490, A6=70630, A7=2FFC58

panic: NMI (kernel parity error)

Does anybody know what this means? When I rebooted using the
reset button, the system came up and is apparently running
fine again.

PC info and other possible clues:

	- It's a fairly old 7300, probably manufactured early
	  in the product's lifespan. It's got a 20-Mb hard drive,
	  1.5 MB plus a combo card with an extra .5 MB, no other
	  hardware installed.

	- The fans (original ones) are still running fine, and
	  there are no warm or hot spots anywhere.

	- My wife was home most of the day, and says there weren't
	  any power flickers that she noticed.

	- I just upgraded 2 weeks ago to 3.51, but got it off
	  a (gasp) bootleg copy of the 3.51 Foundation Set.

	- One year ago, the 7300 would reboot fully on its first
	  try. After the hard disk went bad and was replaced,
	  it virtually NEVER reboots fully on the first try, but
	  succeeds on the second attempt.

	- About 4 weeks ago, the speaker lost much of its volume;
	  now when I use the telephone manager to dial a number,
	  the touch tones and ringing are virtually inaudible.

	- Since I loaded 3.51, I've had problems dialing in to
	  the mainframe at work and using the terminal emulator.
	  The 7300 dials in correctly, but the emulator is
	  "chunky", i.e., it prints a few characters/lines and
	  pauses for a few seconds, prints and pauses, etc.,
	  continuously. It also periodically drops the connection
	  with no warning or indication other than a lack of 
	  response from the mainframe. This problem may be
	  unrelated to the (apparent) hardware problem.

Can anyone offer any insight into what's going on? If some part of
the hardware is going bad, I'd like to get stuff off of the thing
before it goes out completely. I can also bring it in to work and
have it repaired, but don't want to carry the thing around in my
car any more than I have to for fear of killing the hard disk.

Thanks much for any help!

Vince Guinto                                 att!cblph!vjg
AT&T Bell Laboratories                  Opinions are mine,
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