Need Help Setting up Convergence Tech. CTIX 3.2

Tony Tam ttam at cory.Berkeley.EDU
Thu May 9 08:36:37 AEST 1991

	A kind soul has given me his Convergence Technology 6300 system.
It runs a UNIX V derivative called CTIX 3.2. The catch is: it does not comes
with any maual, backup disks, installation disk etc ...  But, the system is
already installed (CTIX 3.2) on the 40 meg hard drive.

Now my problem:

	1) I want to backup COMPLETELY the hard disk to the 360K floppy.
	so, even if I crash, burn the hard drive I could reinstall
	the system onto another drive (boot track and all).
	Currently I don't even know how to format the floppy so if anyone
	can show me a step-by-step procedure (what I type and what the 
	system response), I would be very greatful.

	2) I like to install another hard drive to the thing.  The cable
	doesn't look SCSI but standard MFM as in the IBMPC with one data
	and one control cable to the drive.  I assumed that I need to move
	some jumper, change the controller cable to a twisted cable, get
	another data cable and hook it up.  I don't know how to mount the
	thing or to get the system to recognize it so any help here is great.
	Also, how do I low level format, high level format the thing?

	3) I have a TELERAY terminal that comes with the system but the
	terminal is set for vt-100 in the system.  How do change this to the
	TELERAY.  I got a termcap file from a BSD V system (SUN 3/50) and it
	has the TELERAY definition table.  So do I just replace this with
	the termcap file in /etc/termcap.  Some one also told me to play
	with the gettytab file but, I want to backup my system first!

	4) I have a 2400 and 1200 baud modem (hayes & something else) and
	would like to connect it to the system at serial port 1.  Port 0 is
	for the TELERAY terminal.  How do I get the system to recognize and
	control the modem? both for remote login and logout to other systems.

	5) After I have all the above setup, I would like to get a better
	C compiler (GCC,GDB,G++ ?).  The current compiler is limitted to only
	8 character variable names and most proggrams now-a-days have long
	names variables.

				Thanks if anyone can helps,

	Alex Davis
	labb-1ea at
and	ttam at

P.S.	Does anyone have a set of UNIX manuals that is nolonger needed?

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