3b1 Tape Backup Unit

John Godfrey johng at wybbs.mi.org
Thu May 9 04:42:28 AEST 1991

My tape unit has suddenly gone partly sour.

The circuitry checks out fine, formatting takes place, but
the tape can't be read.  All I get is an error message.  The head
is clean, and the tapes are alright.

A.T.&T. wants $200 for either coming out or me sending the unit it,
and they will probably replace the unit.  That will wind up costing more
than I originally paid for it.

Any one with any advice for me should either email me or call at one of
the voice numbers:

1-(616)-531-0010 work
1-(616)-896-8309 home.
email should be sent to john\@spirit.grle.mi.us.

Thanks alot,
Pastor John F. Godfrey

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